Carbon Neutral Albany is a group of Albany community members that are committed to reducing Albany's carbon (or greenhouse gas) emissions. Our target emissions level is below zero! Because we are not an isolated community, and we cannot rely on other communities to do their fair share, no amount of reduction on the part of any one community will be "enough".

This website will be updated with new information about activities that are occurring in Albany around the goal of reducing carbon emissions. Please stay tuned for news.

There is an active dialogue on the Carbon Neutral Albany listserve. Sign up to join in the discussion. Be warned, it can get very busy sometimes! Click here to join.

Current Events:


During 2009 - 2010, Carbon Neutral Albany advocated for a strong Climate Action Plan for Albany.

Learn more about what the local government is doing, planning, and Carbon Neutral Albany's role in advocacy.

25% by 2020
City's Climate Action Plan
C0A Input Letters


In 2010, Carbon Neutral Albany will help promote personal actions that everyone in the community can take to help us get to carbon neutrality. Here are some of the current projects.

NEW! SmartSolar Comes to Albany - Get FREE Advice
10:10 - 10% in 2010
Project Porchlight


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