10:10 in Albany

What if all of Albany reduced 10% of its emissions during 2010?

The 10:10 project is an international campaign for individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations to publicly co

mmit to taking responsibility for their person contribution to global warming by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions 10% in 2010.

If all of Albany participated, we would get well on our way to the City-wide greenhouse gas reduction goal of 25% by 2020!

Carbon Neutral Albany is supporting this campaign by spreading the word.

Who can participate?

Individuals, families, businesses, schools, cities, non-profits, faith-based organizations.... anyone! See who has already signed.

In Albany, we're raising awareness by having people commit and share their commitment. A list of those who have signed on is available on Transition Albany's website.

How can I participate?

To join the global 10:10 movement, sign up on www.1010global.org
To get more detailed information about the 10:10 movement, visit 1010uk.org or Transition Albany's website.

To make sure you get counted in the list of participants in Albany, fill in the contact form below, or email your name (or the name of your business or organization if you're committing as an entity) to TransitionAlbanyCA@gmail.com. Questions can also be emailed to this address.

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Join the list of those participating in Albany!

(in alphabetical order)

Individuals & Families (44)

Arkin Tilt family, Marge Atkinson, Dorothy Bevard, Gerhard Brostrom, Marge Brostrom, Allen Cain, Christopher Carter, Hortensia Chang, Patty Chin, Jess Cosby, Heather Cunningham, Linda Currie, Len Edmondson, Edward Fields, Andrew Frankle, Evan Frisch, Tree Gelb Stuber, Chester Godfry, Clara-Rae Jenson, Miya Kitahara, Robert Lieber, Dan Lieberman, Ly / Williams family, Allan Maris, Peggy McQuaid,Nierlich/Abbott Family, Claire Norris, Caryl O’Keefe, Brian Parsley, Nick Pilch, Beth Pollard, Suzanne Schrift, Janet Smith-Heimer, Amy Smolens, Catherine Sutton, Carol Swan, Karina Tindol, Ellen Toomey, the Utedskis, Meera Valdez, Wynette Weaver, Buddy Williams, Tony Wolcott, Florence Wahl

Businesses (1)

Gathering Tribes

Organizations (1)

Albany Unified School District

This list is updated every week or two. Please alert us if you see a misspelled name.

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The effort to promote 10:10 in Albany is a collaboration between Carbon Neutral Albany
and Transition Albany