City's Climate Action Plan

The final Climate Action Plan was adopted by City Council on March 15th.

Click here to access the full plan (City website).

The Climate Action Plan's Highlights:

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Target: 25% below 2004 baseline levels by 2020.

Baseline GHG Inventory: According to ICLEI and EDAW who put together the baseline inventory, the Albany community generated 70 thousand metric tons of Greenhouse Gases in 2004. The pie chart below shows where these emissions came from:

6 Climate Action Strategies:
  1. Buildings & Energy
  2. Transportation & Land Use
  3. Waste Reduction
  4. Green Infrastructure
  5. Water Conservation
  6. Food & Agriculture
Over 50 GHG Reducing Measures. Measures are programs and policies that will serve one of the above strategies for reducing the community's GHG emissions.

Community Challenge Gap. The measures identified in the CAP only get us to 19% below 2004 by 2020. In order to reach the 25% target, the community is expected to increase participation in the GHG reduction effort.

Click here to access the full plan (City website).

The Plan's Development Process
The Plan was developed over almost two years, between 2008 and 2010. The public was engaged through city-wide mailed surveys, an online survey from the City's website, two workshops at Green Albany Day 2009, and a public workshop in January 2010 with City Council. The Plan was revised per input from City Staff, the Sustainability Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, City Council, and the public.

Carbon Neutral Albany Comment Letters

The Sustainability Committee met several times to provide comments and feedback to the consultants (EDAW). During this review process, Carbon Neutral Albany submitted two letters recommending revisions. Click here to access the letters.

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